Award ceremony Smart Talk Video Contest

Today the second edition of GECO Expo comes to a close with the award ceremony for the Smart Talk contest. This format involves short three-minute videos in which contestants present projects related to sustainability and biodiversity. The contest is open to anyone and participation is free. The idea stems from GECO's desire to support innovation, in the firm belief that the most creative and original projects are the ones that can significantly advance sustainability research. It is possible to compete in two categories: "Ideas and Startups to be supported" and "Already active startups and companies".

Key features of a 'winning' smart talk

What does the smart talk contest jury look for in prize-winning projects? Undoubtedly the potential for biodiversity and sustainability, but also the feasibility, replicability and scalability of the project and the potential for engagement. A jury of experts will award a total of three prizes to three projects.

The prizes

Winners in both categories will receive the prestigious 'sustainability leader' award and are also entitled to our 'visibility package'. This includes the publication of a video of the smart talk and an article about the project on the international online portal 'Renewable Matter', which specialises in bioeconomy and circular economy.

In the category 'Ideas and Startups to be supported':

The first place winner will receive the "Stand Bronze" package, i.e. a free stand to participate in the third edition of GECO Expo, to be held in 2023. The purpose of this award is to encourage the continuation and development of the project.

The runner-up will receive a slot in the GECO Green Talks 2023, with the opportunity to give a talk highlighting the project, as part of the programme of the third edition of GECO.

In the category "Already active start-ups and companies":

The first place winner will receive the Platinum Stand package, i.e. a free premium stand, to participate in the third edition of GECO Expo, to be held in 2023. Again, this is intended to encourage the proponents of the project to develop it further, so as to present its evolution to the public in a year's time.

The runner-up will have the opportunity to speak at a round table at GECO 2023 as a panelist, thus further increasing the prestige and visibility of the project within the debate on relevant sustainability issues.

Special prizes offered by Smart Talk partners

GECO's partners also reserve the right to offer special prizes to projects that they consider particularly worthwhile or that have particular features close to the partner's field of interest.

In the category "Already active start-ups and companies":

The accelerator Le Village CA Triveneto offers a Startup Award, consisting of one year of free online acceleration.

In the category 'Ideas and Startups to be supported':

Guru Marketing agency offers a dedicated service including Design and Brand Identity. The winner will receive a brand manual created by Guru Marketing with the associated graphic applications (logo, visual graphics, templates). A complete visual and content restyling, developed based on the study of the target audience.

The PoliHub Base accelerator offers one contest participant a one-year membership with access to Edu-Bricks, the business training programme for startups.

In both categories:

The InnovUp association will select the winners who will be entitled to one year's free membership in the Startup Seed and Scaleup categories.

InnovUp is an association that represents the Italian innovation ecosystem and includes several companies, innovative SMEs, investors, science and technology parks, incubators, accelerators, innovation centres, enablers, startups, scaleups, professional and corporate firms. The aim of InnovUp is to create a tight network of Italian entrepreneurs interested in innovation, with a focus on 4 main areas of activity: LOBBYING, to encourage the passing of regulations that help the development of innovative companies; KNOWLEDGE, to raise awareness of the ecosystem both nationally and internationally; BUSINESS, to facilitate agreements and conventions between members and organise matchmaking meetings; and, finally, NETWORKING, to connect all industry stakeholders.

The Award Ceremony took place today March 4th 2022 at 15:30 in the virtual auditorium of the Exhibition where the jury have given all the prizes to the winners of the contest, 



Here is the the final ranking:


For the category "Already active startups and companies":

1°  Levante - "Ripensare il fotovoltaico per la mobilità green" 
2°  0. srl - "Dotzero la scarpa che non getterai mai"

3° Beecofarm - "HortoMio"

RE49 Srl - "Italian Sustainable Shoes" 

5°  C-Y - "C-YKnow What You Buy"
Università degli studi - "Pillole Culinarie"
Beecofarm - "Agritettura"
BeAcademy - "Sustainable Tourism&Events in Spain"
Culturide - "Culturide "
10° Change for planet - "Be Part Of The Change"
11° Green Golden - "Green Golden"


For the category "Already active startups and companies":

1° Sternartica -"Cosmetici per tutti, compresa la natura"
2°  WHATaECO -" l'eCommerce sostenibile"

3° AC Biode - "CircuLite" 

     SolarGaps - "SolarGaps smart solar blinds"

WeCo Toilet - "Water Recycling Eco-Toilets for sustainable cities"
Blue Room Innovation - Portnet
ELIDB artigianato sostenibile - Con i lavabili si può tutto!
 Adotta una Mucca
10° Moving Towards Zero! Campaign that promotes local consumption and waste reduction
13° Coltiva in Italia



  • Le Village by CA Triveneto gave its prize Startup award to AC Biode 
  • PoliHub gave its prize Membership PoliHub Base to Levante 
  • Innovup gave its prize Membership InnovUp to Dotzero and  SolarGaps
  • Guru Marketing gave its prize Guru Marketing pack to Levante 

Published on 04-03-2022