Sustainable and transparent management of the food supply chain

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Thematic Area: Eco-food

Sustainable and transparent management of the food supply chain


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For years, many companies in the food sector have embarked on the path of sustainability internally and then along the supply chain: for the protection of the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity and the social sustainability of workers. Organic, regenerative agriculture and other sustainable ways of managing the land and its products are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to food safety and the health impacts of raw and processed materials, as well as their origin, even if the variable purchase price is still very important. The Italian rules on the transparency of products and raw materials have improved the dictates of the European Regulation 775, for example with the obligation to indicate the origin of milk. The most mature digital technologies are helping companies to track and make available information on the environmental and social sustainability of the actors in the supply chain, from the producer to the consumer, and of their product, from cultivation or from birth to processing. What are the best practices most appreciated by consumers and followed by companies? How extensive are they? Which ones are still to be developed?


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